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Gender and Women's Studies research associate Marian Evans has been co-ordinating Spiral projects at Victoria University of Wellington since 1997. This website is part of Spiral's work-in-progress.

Poet Heather McPherson founded Spiral in Christchurch in 1976, as a women's arts and literary journal. Spiral has published fiction, non-fiction and poetry, most notably Keri Hulme's the bone people which won the Booker Prize in 1985. Its imprint is used by various individuals and collectives for publishing purposes, recently Frances Cherry for Washing up at Parrot Bay (with Steele Roberts) and Jane Zusters and Sue Fitchett for Charts and Soundings: Some Small Navigation Aids, distributed by Spinifex Press www.spinifexpress.com.au Spiral is part of the Women's Gallery Inc, founded in 1980, and registered as a charity.

Spiral projects at Gender and Women's Studies include digital video oral histories, of nurse educator and philosopher Irihapeti Ramsden; art legend Galvan Macnamara (formerly James Mack) and artist Allie Eagle; and an audio oral history of matakite Wai Turoa Morgan (with a book). Galvan Macnamara's video history has been developed into a documentary " Sister Galvan" (2004). Mahi Ata Mahi Ahua Women's Work in Film, a registry of New Zealand women's films is being developed following the first festival of films by New Zealand women, organised by The Women's Gallery Inc in 2003.

In Otago the first stage of the Spiral audio oral history project Getting Free, on the topic of resilience following abuse, is complete.