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Welcome to Phil Lester's home page.

I'm a lecturer here at Victoria University of Wellington, in New Zealand. My research interests are in invasive species ecology, particularly with insects such as ants. I have graduate students working in such projects around the Pacific region.

I teach in a variety of courses. My primary undergraduate teaching is in the 1st year course "Biology of Animals", though I have lectures in 2nd and 3rd year papers as well.

You'll find more information than you probably want by navigating the buttons to the left. You'll also see a bunch of my insect photographs and PDF files of publications. If you want to contact me regarding any of this, my details are:

Dr Phil Lester
School of Biological Sciences
Victoria University of Wellington
P.O. Box 600
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 463 5096
Fax: +64 4 463 5331





Recently published:

Lester, Abbott, Sarty & Burns (2009) Competitive assembly of South Pacific invasive ant communities. BMC Ecology 9: 3. [PDF]

Sagata & Lester (2009) Behavioural plasticity associated with propagule size, resources, and the invasion success... Journal of Applied Ecology 46: 19-27 [PDF]

Last updated:
25 June, 2009

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