Here are photos of my wonderful kids (often with me lurking in the background). Max and Lucia were born in Australia (2003 & 2005).

Richard & Max, July 2003 Max, July 2003
L'Isle des Pins, New Caledonia, Sept 2005 Max at Bateman's Bay
Maximus in Rome (Piazza del Popolo), April 2006 Sampling the wares of San Giminiano, April 2006
Pre-Raphaelite Lucia, Tuscany, April 2006 Lucia & Max, Pennsylvania, May 2006
Richard & Lucia, Namadgi, 2006 Lucia & Max, July 2007
Lucia, happy & wild, on her 2nd birthday (Nov 2007) Max with cherry accessories: Provence, June 2008
Wonderland, Ocean City, NJ, July 2008 Max in Arles ampitheatre, June 2008
Post-lunch sleepiness (Dordogne, 2008)
Philosopher's down-time in Provence
curlcurl princess
Max on Curl Curl beach (Sydney 2009) Princess Lucy Lu (2009)
pompeii castlepoint
Lucia in Pompeii (2012) Castlepoint, NZ (2014)
max mahia
Young Nick's Head (2017) Richard & Lucia (2017)
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