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We host a talented group of postgraduate students and postdocs who develop and apply quantitative approaches to address a diversity of research questions. Our lab group is international, with current and past members from New Zealand, France, England, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Canada, and the USA.

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Jeff Shima (Lab Leader) Life histories and population dynamics in the sea
Alisha Gill* (PhD candidate) Shining a light on lanternfish - details coming soon!
Niamh Smith* (PhD candidate) Shining a light on lanternfish - details coming soon!
Finn Gallagher* (MSc candidate) Settlement dynamics and fitness of marine organisms on artificial habitats
  * denotes JS primary supervisor

**denotes JS secondary supervisor


Lab alumni

Laura Sterup* (MSc, link to thesis) The nature of coastal light pollution and its relationship with morphological variation in a larval fish around Wellington, New Zealand
Jaye Barclay* (MSc, link to thesis) Lunar periodicity in reproduction and development of the common triplefin
Emma O'Malley* (MSc, link to thesis) Influence of nocturnal illumination on larval development and swimming ability of inanga (Galaxias maculatus)
Alison Duncan** (PhD, link to thesis) Transgenerational effects of environmental stressors in an estuarine whelk
Daniel McNaughtan* (PhD, link to thesis) An evaluation of distribution, abundance, and phenotypes of early developmental stages of the common triple fin across a major life-history transition.
Andy Chang** (MSc) Assessing the value of nursery habitats in the growth and diet of juvenile Parapercis colias in the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.
Amber McEwan* (PhD, link to thesis) Translocation ecology of New Zealand freshwater mussels
Phoebe Caie* (PhD, link to thesis) Early life history variation in phenotypes and fitness of a coral reef fish, Thalassoma hardwicke.
Stina Kolodzey** (PhD, link to thesis) Demographic and reproductive variability within and among subpopulations of temperate reef fishes.
Leonardo Durante** (PhD, link to thesis) Trophic structure through the history of exploitation in New Zealand fish communities.
McKenzie Tornquist* (MSc, link to thesis) Disentangling the determinants of reproductive success in a temperate reef fish, Forsterygion lapllum.
Pauline Mitterwallner* (PhD, link to thesis) Reproductive timing and investment decisions of a protogynous, hermaphroditic coral reef fish species.
Becky Focht* (PhD, link to thesis) Weathering the storm: implications of wave exposure on the distribution, phenotype, and growth of a temperate reef fish.
Keith Michael* (PhD, link to thesis) Recruitment of oysters in Foveaux Strait: contributions of spawning-stock size, biological and climatic factors.
Katie Hillyer* (Postdoctoral Fellow) Physiological condition and eco-evolutionary dynamics of coral reef fish.
Jessie Bottcher* (MSc, link to thesis) The physiological responses of an amphidromous fish, Galaxias maculatus, to environmental conditions experienced during a transitionary phase.
Conor Neilson* (MSc, link to thesis) There and back again: Spatial and temporal variation in the recruitment dynamics of an amphidromous fish. 
Chris McDowall* (MSc, link to thesis) A fish for all seasons: Spatial and temporal variation in patterns of demographic heterogeneity for Retropinna retropinna.
Vinnie Wood* (MSc, link to thesis) Three rivers and a fish: body shape variation in adult inanga (Galaxias maculatus) and implications for reproductive output. 
Ben Moginie* (MSc, link to thesis) Ecological consequences of variability in post-settlement growth of a temperate reef fish.
Phoebe Caie* (MSc, link to thesis) Selective mortality on early life-history traits of a temperate reef fish.
Dr Mark Kaemingk* (Postdoctoral Fellow) Recruitment dynamics of Galaxias maculatus (whitebait).
Paul Mensink* (PhD, link to thesis) Factors influencing the recruitment, growth and reproduction of a temperate reef fish, Forsterygion lapillum
Abi Powell (Postdoctoral Fellow) Winners and Losers: effects of individual variation reef fishes.
Dana Morton (Fulbright Fellow) Effects of habitat configuration and availability on settlement of reef fish
Jennifer Oliver*(MSc, link to thesis) Reproductive ecology, condition, and the physical environment of a temperate protogynous hermaphrodite at a small spatial scale (VUW Scholarship)
Philipp Neubauer* (PhD, link to thesis) Development and application of otolith-based methods to infer demographic connections in a marine metapopulation (Marsden Grant Scholarship)

Alejandro Perez Matus* (PhD, link to thesis)


Effects of macroalgal habitats on the community and population structure of temperate reef fishes
Gareth Williams ** (PhD, link to thesis) Coral disease and the environment in the Pacific Ocean
Rachel Clausing (Fulbright Fellow) Effects of nutrient enrichment on biodiversity along a productivity gradient
Shane Geange* (Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD, link to thesis) Postdoc: Ecological consequences of bladder kelp harvest in New Zealand; PhD: An evaluation of prior residency and habitat effects on the persistence of settling reef fishes
Anna Smith* (PhD, link to thesis) Environmental and life-history factors influencing juvenile demography of a temperate reef fish
Rose Ter Borg * (PGradDip Sci) Reproductive output, parental investment, and early life-history of the common triplefin
Sonja Miller* (PhD, link to thesis) A quantitative assessment of ra'ui (a traditional approach to marine protected areas) on the fishes and invertebrates of Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Bruce Dudley* (PhD, link to thesis) Quantitative ecological impact assessments using natural abundance carbon and nitrogen stable isotope signatures
Chris McDermott* (MSc, link to thesis) Understanding patterns of habitat use in reef fish: implications of ontogenetic shifts on habitat use for population demography
Mat Forsyth* (MSc candidate) Iteractions between larval condition and juvenile environments and their consequences for reef fish recruitment
Vanessa Hernaman (Postdoctoral Fellow) Demographic connectivity in reef fishes
Tom Curtis* (MSc, link to thesis) Biogeographic variation in demographic rates of the yellow-eyed mullet, Aldrichetta forsteri (Mugilidae), across New Zealand
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